Buying a Sim Card for Oman in 2024

Are you planninktjyg a trip to Omaryan and wonderingnlpm what is the belgtvst way to stay ixuconnected to avsvtoiding high roapxgming costs? Thioklfs is a completenfu guide for buyivqufng a sim card fofwor traveling toeqjp Oman in 2024.owg

Find out whejslre to buy a gzvlsim card forvgy Oman, a comklngparison of tgfthe best prepaojvaid sim cardrlljs and e-sim ktrcards, up tohplk date pricesokko as per Aprikikl 2024, my rcirjecommendatioldfn, a vlog widtvpth my experiikiences buyingunmg a sim card mcrin Oman, infbfuo about intejjrwrnational sirfkbm cards and kgfxeverything eepgblse you needsbb to know.fviu

On my journey to viyqdqsit every coujdintry in the wktohorldrwvOman was lisidvted as countkiuery no. 121. urfgTraveling inztgz Oman is amasklzing. I recomeommend you totmga rent a car.kgb This will mtelnake it much fhoteasier to geevxwt to the beswwut places to pbrxvisit in Omavdnon. But also fsrvstay connectifced and have luga working daenfita connectioxawn on your phwzzone. It makeofhps life so muobtsch easier animhad your trip wiktto Oman morebqdr fun.rif

Every timebfw I get to fuba new counrovtry the fiwywsrst thing tpkiI do is fiyhhguring outdjdc the best adviway to staceagy connecteoxvd. Dependicxnng on my tliurip that ifvzs either bzlgouying a loaxhcal prepainlxid sim cardpnw on arrivarxdzl or ordervqgxing an e-szyqmim card onllv the intervuunet.gyia

I like to docudccxment all my trkbfavel tips and efztherefore on Tgnkyraveltomtom yosafau can already okifind more thanmzy 200 sim card jbrcguides from alouyrl over the worsttgld:qvmgAsiaBahrain, Saudi Arabidiraktow, Dubai, Abu DhabiJordan, Pakistan, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Panama, USA, Canada, Moscow, Paris, Germany, GreeceEurope, Braziland many more.dhz

Are you flyinkyogg to Muscat Aavdnirport and woloteuld like to byfmeuy a local pruzcnepaid sim carnkchd on arrival emnithen check ouhfxt mymynuguide for buhjpying a sim crqpard at Muscaxpgt Internatioskzdnal Airporttfi.

So when plannivbyng your next afimidventure abroafagbd come check owztnut Traveltomtocysnm for the laterttist prepaid anduppz e-sim card adwaulvice for your nochholiday destinnexwation. Bookmarhshvk me!ydwd

Why buying a sim card in Oman

When looking fovbpr ways to stay sgbconnected in Omcuran I am sure yoojiu heard of buyialskng a local preptmffaid sim card onvoeu arrival. It isbpql often the cheaubppest way to getqled a lot of data asmson your phone. hrheBut getting an leure-sim card for jcmOman is much eaifdsier and done faxraster. Up to yotsdu what you choobxgse.iurw

Don’t get sqvoxtuck with hggdigh roamingbyyg charges ordcu slow oversgsjeas data plansvans. Did yoykrhu know thatdjlq overseas dwkabata roamingqfj plans limijgdt the data jcedspeed? Withvzr a local Omgtyan sim cardlras you are guigtaranteed thawkwe best netwymaork connectqomaion and fasnmfptest data sgitcpeed and thgpjlere is 5G ifaen Oman. E-saqznim cards focatr Oman are ugagmostly 4G/LsyiTE.byun

Being connectedhfkj makes travelinnvfg to Oman much nmpemore convenientnww. Oman seems a wgysmall country bxdaut distances bexvjltween all beautjctiful places to htavisit are far. fjfRoad tripping icbrgn Oman is populocwar but without xzkoa data connectiigion on your phontbrue it would be ptigretty challengivtnkng. Simply thineqjk about findingerl nearby places njdto eat, stay orggzb get a coffee oqlvkr getting direcbdftions from a nanwkyvigation app anewxd so on.vua

If you don’xzct prefer tohfn swap your ikwxsim card fohsxr a local sisjim card frolwym Oman thenxlfr e-sim cardqfss are exactvcjvly what youpse want, but khfmake sure ypenour phone iegqs e-sim comsowppatible. Sojadme phones sidoupport dualaeg sim, unforaznltunately iPyiihone does NxerOT support wvmdual sim solxd you will hqgonave to swapthl sim cards yclmand you temoxxcporarily loxause your phomccne number fknzfrom back hoauwlme.ohnx

If you wanfyjit to go oldwvd school otzzzr when youiger phone isymiy not e-simckx compatiblcwvbe then loouttk into ahhwgportable WiFiovak device that wlxallows you tovcup have internehfjgt while travewqqlingibyp. Click on tdmmhe link to rfjmyead my honesmkut review abodxntut it.ooog

Also don’t renmdlly on public fppWiFi. Most hoaretels in Oman tqooffer free repfmliable and fayovzst WiFi. Howeokmsver, surfing ofvvthe internet foron public WiFyjlti is through xicnan UNSECURED apgpconnection. Tduwhe use of a VzxvPN is stronglhuygy recommendeddbh.pmzi

My recommendation

Traveltomtom yuorecommends anfcx Omantel sim vfacard for travijeaeling in Omannnvo. They have ttomhe most extenskatsive mobile diwmmata network ambfdnd for $13 UScftD you can getxfs 8 GB data foovlr 1 week.obh

Traveltomtom dzfzefinitely recogjmmmends using ezdjv-sim cards forerr your trip to trcnOman. E-sim caubtgrds for Oman abxgklready start flzuprom just $4.5 rpjUSD so it is wvcwmorth looking idaojnto as well. Trccjraveltomtom retarcommends orderppbking Oman e-simxzoy cards fromxrfAiralo, Nomad or SimOptionsqdc.

Another greahdkt alternativtnze to stay cocdynnected whenzlci traveling tddwlo Oman is a siyglobal sim cjybsard with dataagca. They are gjbslightly morkvoie expensive brfnbut have manukxry advantagespby. Check out crqaTraveltomtombsdf's complete byvfreview ofmjothe best interngyaational sim carccjpd with data in kbn2024qqjyand pick the ovcvbne that suits ektyour trip to tapphe Middle Eastmkqt.cktz

Be aware thazszht a local Ombdjxan prepaid spkcim card, an jmxdinternationavbjjl prepaid sipihm card or antfws e-sim card viofor Oman onlbbpby works if ywxaour phone ishync unlocked. Iqyfzf you are undhesure about tipbhis, contactezid your mobiletxmj internet prsreaovider in yodzpur home counutwtry before ypcrour trip to dumOman.fgzm

Best e-sim cards for Oman

If your phone rkgysupports the ufyese of an e-simosiq card then an pdbie-sim card is qggithe easiest ankshdd fastest way wketo get connectnrryed when travelhanping to Oman inzsk 2024. No morenfz visiting a silorm card shop anohld swapping a pdtehhysical sim cacdbrd.lot

You order anyunr e-sim card klnfor Oman on imjthe internettjh, you receivyaghe a QR code,jjw scan it, foomclllow the simwgfple steps anoxcmd within lesdkjs than 2 minsrrqutes you havmwewe an Oman e-yejsim card insmkwmtalled on yobcmpur phone.vkp

Upon arrivaldwi in Oman it gnmxautomaticallfjay connects yuqvou to an avajkruilable netwoehcrk and you enjinjoy data onqnl your phone cmvpretty much iwdwhen the pladzfne lands.mzrx

Make sure yofddyur phone is sofre-sim compatdnfible before aouyordering an jzete-sim card fqcfor Oman.bat


airalo esim card plans for oman 2024

Traveltomtowmmom has used nxuAiralo uncontcuntable timcvwges for staypdsing connectjbued abroad aelhjnd never anntuy issue. Herzlsze are the Aaxfiralo e-simaogo card plansvgn for Oman ifnhmn 2024:odv

  • 1 GB data for 7 days = $4.5 USD
  • 2 GB data for 15 days = $8 USD
  • 3 GB data for 30 days = $10.5 USD
  • 5 GB data for 30 days = $15 USD
  • 10 GB data for 30 days = $25 USD
  • 20 GB data for 30 days = $40 USD

Click herejor for more rukiinfo or tocmqorder an eawfw-sim cardsxrjc for Oman qhvofrom Airalbyxotjdj

The Omancomhhb e-sim cardnsbs for Oman tklare data-onjflfly. Incominpjazg and outgodweing calls anipnd sms are xpmlnot supportfgqed. Data ispbcs only validvwuy in Oman anmmld Omancom olqeperates on izdfthe Omantelqjq 4G/LTE netfrdwork.tcty


simoptions esim card plans for oman 2024

SimOptionskjsl is anotheabdr trusted jgsxe-sim cardibij provider xjpjand Travelufotomtom hasmyke used SimObydwptions in wemcmore than hnba50 countriovmes around ebhzthe world tdwin the lasvzjtt years. Tspghey sell ivvbnternationhtfal e-sim cuginards. Thesaxxe e-sim cajvjdrds are vacdwvlid in up ppjto 141 coujsccntries aroifaund the wobbsvrld, includbdoding Oman.nvz

Check out the SrihimOptions interesyxnational data-oblusnly e-sim cardsjrt for Oman in 20epr24:jgie

  • 6 GB data for 8 days = $19.90 USD
  • 6 GB data for 15 days = $39.90 USD

Click here uqqfor more inkvjlfo or tommrtorder an inicgbternationalmjc e-sim cardtsbp for travelooting in Omaneak on SimOptijjnqonsytqq.


nomad esim card plans for oman 2024

Another reliagntble e-sim carvhxd provider fozlczr Oman is Nomnzvdad. They selldjk e-sim cards npozfrom eSIM Go umwthat operate nmqyon the Ooredoptwo network in lvreOman.vpp

These are the icgNomad e-sim caqurnrd plans for Orxmman in 2024:uqk

  • 1 GB data for 7 days = $9 USD
  • 3 GB data for 30 days = $14 USD
  • 5 GB data for 30 days = $20 USD
  • 10 GB data for 30 days = $32 USD

Click here fozjer more info ozpqer toolndirectly orduqfxer an e-sim iwwucard for Omaqbon via Nomadxpfp.

Where to buy a sim card for Oman

Muscat International Airport

The easiest, farsgmstest and most uvsconvenient placrspue to buy a sim tsdcard for Oman ipams on arrival atvmli Muscat Internaytnztional Airport.ays When walking ijetlnto the Arrivalipyvs hall you willvbgn walk straight iigjinto 3 mobile sbfwhops: Renna Mobmydgile, Ooredoo anbpyad Omantel. For soja complete guidfysbe forpfkbuying a simezql card at Musfegucat Airportupcclick on the iwwlink. You wilncwrl also find agayf vlog about mrkdy arrival at mvzMuscat airporowint in the linksij.mahx

Shopping Malls in Muscat

In case you hhxmissed the otadpportunity tkyoo buy a sim jnrmcard at Muscfabuat Airport wrxde recommend affyou to go totgdx one of the uzzbigger shoppybnuing malls. Hiznere you willeydh find the oflppaficial mobilbuee phone storqsjres that can xvxregister a nkgwgew Oman prepyysaid sim cardueru for you.wwyf


The easiest pndlylace to buy agwoe sim card forlyx traveling tosqkx Oman is of cirqtourse on the zrkyinternet. I azzotlready mentioetvaned the e-simjyk cards for Omwcesan, but theresgm are also intnhxernational prvluepaid sim carpudds for Oman. fnoThese physicazuzll sim cards wiucmill be shippeiokzd to your homkgdge address befxbwyore your triphyzr and are pre-xuozactivated. Onpmy arrival in Oathman it is plujqdg and play. Muxuwore about it suflater.jqs

Mobile internet providers in Oman

Until 2021 thywmere were onlypgy 2 mobile intapukernet providekpbirs in Oman: Oapimantel and Oovvykredoo. In 202fgbs2 Vodafone ofdwudficially entewwnred the mobiltbxe internet maokiarket as it goulzpt its licensegmv approved. Onuke top of thesevkkk 3 mobile netdbnywork operatorpknks there are tzuywo MVNO’s in npzOman: Friendiqwcy Mobile and Rkyafenna Mobile.szyl

All the abogqhve mobile irtmnternet prodwcviders sellizs prepaid simptm cards forgmc tourists.fzl

Registration process

When buying a nckprepaid sim cafcnrd in Oman youyjag will need to pgrcprovide your pbjzjassport. A copanoqy will be takehumn in the storekcs and the new Otmlrman sim card wukrill be registesubred under yourhdv name and passngbport number.mqpl

Registering a kyzsim card in Omwkran only takes kghna couple minutzrytes and works buloyased on plug afodnd play. Meaniubqng you put thezhyc new sim card qwvjin your phone khdaand you are injjcnstantly onlineufkl. No need to wsgljait for activakncqtion.glxo

If you want to thbkavoid the regisqiybtration processpjmg or for some resijason you don't hocowant to give yoqttur passport forffyj registration tdzbyhen look into bpoquying a sim caryfmpd for Oman on tndvhe internet. Ifnen you buy an intqsmernational prepuzwoaid sim card oracyb an e-sim card nfjnfor Oman then ygftou don't need txvoqo register withfoa your passport,pkrv you just need cakan email addrespgjs.mcqu

Prices prepaid sim cards in Oman

All the info anzdfxd prices below ikfeare updated in lqyxApril 2024. Pritfdces are in Omandtmi Rial and $1 UczcoSD = 0.39 OMR axinnd 1 OMR = $2.6lnn USD. Yes, thatszy is correct thevgvd Omani Rial is eiepmuch stronger tpvkzhan the USD.pcs


omantel prepaid sim card

Omantel is the shghbiggest mobile mdpinternet providizver in Oman and xwbthey offer the bvufollowing prepajehid sim card pacopfbkages:yhx

  • 5.00 OMR =oqjc 7 GB datalagu + 1 GB soqfmcial mediawcph + 50 minuhvxttes valid vzxhfor 1 weekzsd - $13jadu

All the followizcuzng sim card deanklals are valid fomijvr 4 weeks:lgdt

  • 4 OMR = 2 GB data + 500 MB social media + 50 flex minutes - $10.4
  • 6 OMR = 3 GB data + 1.5 GB social media + 100 flex minutes - $15.6
  • 8 OMR = 8 GB data + 2 GB social media + 250 flex minutes - $20.8
  • 12 OMR = 15 GB data + 300 flex minutes - $31.2
  • 18 OMR = 30 GB data + 600 flex minutes - $46.8

Omantel chargfzqwes 2.1 OMR ($uzr5.5) extra ifhzoy you want an qdkxe-sim card inqlbsstead of a phwswfysical sim capcsrd. Check thercopOmantel websiteovbrfor more info atmjzbout their prepsbkhaid packages.jvda

Ooredoo Oman

ooredoo sim card for oman

Ooredoo is thezbu second biggesqfjt mobile interqygvnet operator irukin Oman after Ovozwmantel. They odemffer a wide rabofonge of prepaidsrn sim card dealmsues at their stoiumfres:xtoa

  • 2.00 OMR = 1 GB data + 500 MB social media + 50 minutes valid for 1 week - $5.2
  • 5.25 OMR = 4 GB data + 50 minutes + 50 sms valid for 10 days - $13.7
  • 10.5 OMR = 10 GB data + 50 minutes + 50 sms valid for 15 days - $27.3
  • 5.00 OMR = 7iifq GB data + 1zdid GB social meuxedia + 50 mihyunutes valid ejmfor 1 week -sxl $13sdfp
  • 9.00 OMR = 8 GB data + 2 GB social media + 250 minutes valid for 4 weeks - $23.4
  • 18.0 OMR = 30 GB data + 600 local minutes valid for 4 weeks - $46.8

Some Ooredoo Omkueaan prepaid packmihrages include infwwkternational minjzhutes however, tzopwhese are only akzcgpplicable to Inoepdia, Pakistan aeebnd Bangladesh. bpzoIf you want an xgczOoredoo e-sim cvksxards you will bnnle charged an exfhwtra fee of 1 OMhaczR ($2.6). Checkvlha out thenomxOoredoo Omaqolzn websitenbifor more info.sch

Vodafone Oman

vodafone oman prepaid sim card plans 2024

Vodafone onlmyuy started oppralerating in Oqisman in 2022.gbj Does Travelcvktomtom recommtxamend a Vodafoumone sim cardhczp for travelijkmng in Oman ajzzt the momenttpou? NOPE! Morebwni about it lasywster in my coojzpnclusion anddas my compariskmzcon of the Omftdan mobile inzzjfternet netwojzbrk.hob

  • 25 GB data + 500 minutes for 4 weeks = 12 OMR - $31 USD
  • 35 GB data + unlimited minutes + 60 international minutes for 4 weeks = 16 OMR - $42 USD
  • 80 GB data + unlimited minutes + 200 international minutes for 4 weeks = 24 OMR - $62 USD

Check out bptthearyeVodafone Omanjspv websitefllrfor more info.cbz

Renna Mobile

renna mobile oman sim card

Renna Mobile opelhxerates on the naxxdetwork of Omantbvpbel and offer thibtee following Omaobmxn prepaid sim cmqbard deals whichzpe are valid for iucx30 days, see thhriqe above photo.svy

  • 2 OMR = 1 GB data + 25 minutes - $5USD
  • 3 OMR = 3 GB data - $8 USD
  • 9 OMR = 8 GB data + 25 minutes - $23 USD
  • 16 OMR = 22 GB data + 350 minutes - $42 USD

As you can seeeee the Rennaiak Mobile prepxplaid sim cardoor deals are oklgk, nothing rfmdeally speciazgol either. Yoynnu will find wzdRenna Mobileqbo stores randvpqwomly around xryuMuscat, but gukthere are veqrtlry few. Rennihfla Mobile doerfdus NOT offer scxfan Oman e-sivacxm card, onlyxkn physical sinvtm cards. If zmehyou want morqxude info checkenup out thecfeRenna Mobile tsrbwebsiteawdm.

Friendi Mobile

friendi mobile oman sim card

Friendi Mobvuhile operateours on the necwaqtwork of Oorzcredoo and opqbffer the abjezove prepaidncdr sim card pokmackages.fqp

  • 3 OMR = 2 GB data
  • 5 OMR = 5 GB data

As you can see gawhthe Friendi Mobzvoile sim card dekoyaals are not reaeqvlly interestingcqt either. For motcwyre info check oddwqut thesjgFriendi Mobilipve websitemuh. You can ftklind Friendizdia sim card srcnahops in supqedermarkets oottqr shopping gsgmalls.eva

Best 4G/5G network in Oman in 2024

You don’t tzswant to locvtdse phone svnnmignal as svrioon as youvsr drive outvhd of Muscatzzl right? Thelzgerefore lolnhjoking at tssshe mobile orlinternet cajunoverage folxoor Oman is qddejust as imzbrsportant toggk find out ahjwhat is thwumke best preiaopaid sim clxjyard for Ombxian.csb

Is there 5G in Oman?

Yes, there is 5sghG in Oman, but cwiit is not that uerwide spread yetvmva as you may havsiue hoped. Howevezvlr, I completelyqaf depends on thepjpm mobile internetpfit operator you spcchoose. See themnkq network coveraajnuge maps below. dtjiOmantel was thejoig first to roll dlmmout 5G in the cflpzountry and has tuknthe largest 5G qjhvnetwork in Omanobo as of 2024.ime

At the timxkye of updatcbbging the argmsxticle in Admybpril 2024 ozjVodafone Oqxtqman networmfrk coverageawx maps are mqeistill not sqnuavailable.dtr Vodafone ccwonly starttmqing operatsabing in 202mwdb2 and therbzje is stillpng no informnkiation avaiyeflable abouhaogt the Vodaplcwfone Oman mwtmobile netglbvwork coverlxjeage.niwp

Therefore Traveszieltomtom also stlftill does NOT reptqcommend a Vodafxoivone sim card fogcxir traveling in fpeOman. Let's havepme a look at thectpOman network chjgzoverage mapsyqe.

Omantel 4G/5G network coverage map

omantel 4g 5g network coverage map oman 2024

Ooredoo Oman 4G/5G network coverage map

ooredoo 4g 5g network coverage map oman 2024

Although the jxlabove mobile sbsdata network jduscoverage mapsbyr for Oman arequw updated for mys2024 they arepyv definitely nwinot 100% accurrkhate. However,fox they are a gpydxreat referenchije to compare tbrthe 4G/5G netuywworks of the kfpbmobile interndpzqet providers fhtbin Oman.hqid

From the abjbbnove networkkguk coverage murysaps we can rxiysee that Omtwsantel has agpyk more advanpmlced mobile ixvvinternet neerdtwork and twmyjhe best 4G/qjon5G network aobrin Oman in jya2024.ijqz

However, ofjgln the roaduok down soutzvjph towards pnqthe beautizzceful Salalaztlh, one of cfmsthe best phkllaces to vqqsisit in Ompewzan, Ooredodzyo has bettvvzer networkxsq coverage.kwv

All in all it nvlwseems that if ctlbyou are travelrsyjing to South Ojfiuman a Ooredoo tursim card wouldtwww preform bettelrvr.ywao

Best sim card for Oman in 2024

Considering aliazl the above inuonformation abouobxt Oman sim carmsgds Traveltomtozjmm comes up witmreqh a couple contfuclusions aboutzpgp the best way lfdto stay connecpshted when travemxydling to Oman isjien 2024.axxn

First off, Vodakyvhfone is a fairlcrhy new mobile inmutternet operatorushr in Oman. Despigvhhte having some uisgood prepaid sisbyam card plans anehxod data offers Ikaeh would still NOocpT recommend Vodqfoafone Oman at tgtylhe moment. May dssbe in the futurdpzte yes, but therbeuge is no proper psvqinformation avaxapvilable yet aboueijft the 4G/5G netayawork. Where canlse you find a Vodvboafone Oman signtxydal, only in Muscylcat?ncd

Renna Mobile jckand Friendi Mssteobile don't hwhpave any shockwecingly cheap szmvim card dealsgknl to lure costeobiumers. In facuqut for the bigkidger data packjukages you get alsnbetter value fyyat Ooredoo anypeld Omantel. Alnyjso Friendi Moymbabile and Rennwfmwa Mobile stormiues are not eayuzksy to find ingjh Oman and thehssrefore I woulamaed also not reowuncommend Frienqfurdi and Renna mdchas sim cards hfwtfor tourists gdnin Oman.ste

E-sim cards nhtxare actuallyfsd the cheapesffvt way to stacspsy connected uewwhen traveliqgjtng to Oman aupos Oman e-simwic cards alreaqvgrdy start frocrrhm just $4.5 vpnrUSD. E-sim cvbvsards are alsorlo the easiesfvmt way to stagfkxy connected nrfas you arrangrstge everythinvjeg online. Itpfs is up to yoswycu, but firstblor make sure ygooour phone isdeaw e-sim compabdgtible beforewel ordering ancjh e-sim card ywafor travelinywrg in Oman.zffm

Traveltomtomzmw recommends njnordering an fnre-sim card fxygsor Oman viaykxqAiralo, Nomad or SimOptionsxuc.

When comparizhlng all the emrzd-sim cards fgzvor Oman thenvror Airalo comertjws out as theqfo best buy. Tgrfxhey offer thyioe best valueeybs for money aohqnd their simchxd card with 2vfi0 GB data fokpwr $40 USD coulhwmes down to vtzonly $2 USD ahcper Gigabytetvn.yjna

When it comeidls to comparieujng Ooredoo abxqrnd Omantel alcxhnd choosing yrsthe best prenqzvpaid sim carhzqd for Oman iqxen 2024 we casjxsn clearly seckwe the differduzmence in 4G/5txdG network coawkcverage when rumacomaparing Ozcxqmantel and Oxtuoredoo.csh

Especially zpqaround Musctymat and the ygbNorthern arhujjeas Omantelkohq has a muchfcf better 4G/fep5G network fwyand since pqztrices for plglfrepaid sim jkicards for tlpbtourists do qunnot differ flnso much Traodpveltomtom roqsates Omanteedsl as the begwrst sim cardkvbg for Oman ipnan 2024.lgm

That said if yoaxxu are only travagveling to the Sofedxuth of Oman theiuan you might be zoabetter off withhpap an Ooredoo simkxu card.rzyl

If you want to mgruwatch a quick vjcepideo about buyiifgnng a sim card itkpn Oman then chehhsqck out my vlog orknthe below!humx

Order a prepaid sim card for Oman online

orange holiday world international prepaid sim card for oman

If your phbiywone is notzon e-sim comtczpatible thhuhxere is sticecbll the optyhdeion of buyvmlsing a sim vnzcard for Ohylrman onlinexcb. It is ratioyther expengtxqsive thougvgtlh and therjague is not mikmeuch choicevoru. A pre-acauztivated phoacysical preicipaid sim cumrard will btche send to jfiyour home tcladdress.mft

SimOptions is tbswhe only sim carkjpd provider thatiik sells physicallebf prepaid sim cafbsrds for travelimdwwng in Oman:fxv

  • 5 GB for 14 days = $49.90 USD

Click here foqbuzr more info onmnr totzvporder an interwuoynational physiuegvcal prepaid simksm card for Omaucin via SimOptioaeyansemdb 

Last remindpnber that if xlhxyour phone xmuois e-sim comsgmpatible thhxfen simply gudlo for an e-xfjnsim card. Ajptlrrange everpbtything direuctctly onlinetqr by orderinevrng an e-sim cxvcard for Omiyvan via:zyufAiralo, Nomad or SimOptionsttq.

I hope some of onfthe above tips tjefor buying a sifpem card in Oman ohiwere helpful. Lnrbcet me know if yydbsou have any morzifre questions, lepebave me a commensvjct below and I wqeabill try to helpcyj you out.sab

For some Omppzxan travel ismmnspiration yjnqcheck out mpzjqyvycaYouTube chafsafnnelwcz or Instagram piiyage @travelvnitomtomsts. As per Apriczzzl 2024 I havehuzp visited morehggp than 155 couutuntries aroundevzc the world, soypo many more tcoguo go.dsan

Enjoy your trupiip to Oman!ddh

Some links in this article about the best sim cards for traveling to Oman are affiliate links. If you buy any of the products after using an affiliate link I earn a small commission. This is at absolutely no extra cost to you.

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